As an Earthology approved business, you will join a thriving community of like-minded organisations that are working together sharing knowledge and committed to improving corporate sustainability.

Working in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals we will create a long term strategy that will mitigate risk, drive cost savings and create a media profile to highlight your sustainable credentials. We will work with all departments to ensure a cross-functional strategy that delivers real change.

We will work with all your departments to create a business plan that delivers tangible results that mean you will attract the best talent, build a stronger brand and drive cost savings across the business.




65% of staff said they would seriously consider leaving their job if their company harmed the environment



Highlight your sustainability to investors who are now holding business accountable for their social and environmental impact



Gain a greater market share when your business champions sustainable business practices

What our clients think

Sarah’s talks are so informative, and there’s always some fun with polls and quizzes. Importantly I found it easy to take action afterwards.

Siobhan Brennan
Director, Sales Lab

Sarah came into my workplace to talk to us about how we could be more environmentally aware in our workplace and at home. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to find out how they could do more to improve the environment.

Leanne Salmon
Office manager, Prudent Financial

It was great to have Sarah Blake of Earthology deliver a sustainability workshop to our staff at National Office. The format was easy going and fun and we were inspired to make more changes, including in our own supply chain. I’d recommend Earthology to anyone starting on their sustainability journey.

Fiona Murdoch
Communications Manager, Irish Girl Guides

I attended several of Sarah’s events on sustainability and loved them. Not only does she know everything related to ecology and sustainability, she also delivers all that knowledge in a fun, interactive way. Her passion to make this world a better place is contagious, and she made it her mission to teach us all about it. Five stars to Sarah.

Paula Zucharelli