Schools & Community

We have a variety of talks and workshops we offer to schools and community groups, such as tidy towns, scouts and guides and mens sheds.

Our webinars are tailored for the audience and always involve an element of activity, with challenges and quizzes to keep people engaged. Some examples include:

Low carbon lunch

  • This webinar is all about eco-friendly eating habits.
  • You’ll learn about powering up on plants, reducing your food waste, shopping with less plastic and eating seasonally.
  • Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian, we’ll serve up some tasty tips for everyone to think about the way they eat.

Sustainabili-tea and coffee breaks!

  • If working from home has you reaching for the kettle more than ever, join us for a power hour of sustainability tips to green up your cuppa.
  • Find out about the climate impact of tea and coffee and how to make your latte a low carbon one.
  • From the whistle of the kettle and the pouring of the milk, we’ll find out who comes top of the leaderboard.

Eco-friendly Christmas

  • In this fun webinar, you’ll learn about how to implement The 5 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot), when it comes to gifts, decorations, food, parties and more.
  • We’ll have all the usual fun and games with lots of hints and tips to have a more sustainable Christmas.
  • Given the other C-word will have a huge impact on all our festivities, we’d like to think about doing things a little differently this year.
  • We suggest that everyone thinks of Earthology’s 5 key tips to Simplify, Slow down, Savour, Support others and Stay present.

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