Books & Films


At Earthology HQ we love reading books on climate change, the environment and anything green related. Why not get a few from the library and start a Green book club in your office?

Here are our top picks for good reads.

Climate Generation

Awakening to Our Children’s Future – Lorna Gold
Exactly what it says on the tin.


Martin Dorey
This is a great little book to get you started and is so succinct my 11 year old could read it. A quick and easy read for a beginner.

How to give up plastic

A guide to changing the world one plastic bottle at a time – Will McCallum
This is similar to Martin’s book but goes into a little more depth on other subjects. An easy read for someone who is not familiar with the terminology used by some scientists.

How bad are bananas?

Mike Berners Lee.
A humorous approach to the carbon footprint of everything from a text message to a bottle of wine. An informative read that will make you question the origin of everything you buy.

There is no Planet B

Mike Berners Lee.
This is a very comprehensive book with lots of facts and figures. It is intended to be used by anyone from a school principal to government bodies. It is a really great read for someone who is curious to know more.

Zero Waste Home

The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying your life. – Bea Johnson.
This is a comprehensive book for anyone attempting the zero waste lifestyle. Through the 5 principles of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot, Bea takes you on a journey to discover how to live a more minimalist life and get rid of all that unnecessary stuff in your home.


These documentaries and movies will change the way you think. Maybe you could get your Green team to screen them on your lunch break?


This film with Jeremy Irons was one of the first that really opened my eyes to the damage we are doing.


The story of food waste