Marvellous May and some thoughts on biodiversity

Date published: 7 May 2020

May is the first month of Summer and our gardens and parks are now beginning to team with life and activity! Because nature is largely oblivious to worldwide pandemics, we can all continue to delight in the full fruits of this time of year, including the brightest palettes of blooming flowers and gentle buzz of all those bees and insects.

The more green-fingered amongst us will now be gearing up to reap the rewards of their lovingly tended vegetable patches with asparagus and broad beans just two of the new arrivals this month. Next month will bring the first of the courgettes and so it will continue.

All of the above are natural developments highlighting biodiversity at its most vibrant. Did you know that biodiversity is essential for the maintenance of a balanced world as well as for human health and wellbeing? For the month of May, Earthology will focus on the importance of doing all we can to ensure the survival of all species to help maintain that natural equilibrium.

Creating a more biodiverse home

There are many steps you can take towards creating a more biodiverse home and even the smallest of them can have a positive impact. Firstly, you do not need a big back garden! Small potted plants can be placed on the windowsills of even the pokiest of flats. These will attract pollinators such as bees, insects and butterflies which are essential for promoting biodiversity. Bees in particular play a vital role in every single aspect of the ecosystem and they will effectively use your newly placed plants as pitstops to refuel at between gardens.

It’s also worth taking the time to check out Biodiversity Ireland where you can help out the eco cause by recording sightings of the various species of flora and fauna you happen to spot in your locality. Doing this helps to track and protect important wildlife in Ireland. You will also find crash courses on the types of bees and butterflies found in Ireland on their website. ‘Bug spotting’ is a great child-friendly activity you can include as a fun part of your nature walks. You can find out more here.

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