Introducing Green Zebra: Your new sustainable business partner

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Are you a business owner who is concerned about your carbon footprint or excessive water usage? Are you keen to make some environmentally friendly changes to your business processes but are unsure where to start? Perhaps you have already introduced some practical measures such as a recycling programme or energy reduction plan but want to do more?

Green Zebra is a new sustainable business programme by Sarah Blake (Earthology) and Linda Ward (Retail Renewal) which is now offering a FREE online course covering all aspects of sustainable business practices.  Business Sustainability Basics contains five easy to digest modules which will set you on the path towards a greener future for your business. You’ll finish the course with a clear understanding of how to make your business more sustainable and, crucially, how to persuade your colleagues, management and customers to get on board.

Becoming a champion of sustainability in today’s market is about much more than enhancing your company’s green credentials (as important as that is!). In fact, the many advantages of promoting eco-friendly systems and best practices can be both significant and surprising. On a practical and financial level, the implementation of reduction and recycling procedures can reduce many of the costs associated with waste and inefficiency. This makes for a more streamlined and cost-effective business model before you even begin to consider the feel-good factor involved!

However, the benefits don’t stop there. More and more companies today are implementing sustainability programs with the primary aim of adding value to their business through the enhancement of their professional reputation. There has been a huge consumer shift towards green living over the past decade in particular and the Business Sustainability Basics course by Green Zebra can help to give you an advantage over competitors through the attraction of sustainability focused customers. It can also help you to attract a whole new demographic of sustainably focused talent to your company.  The subsequent creation of a workplace sustainability culture can in turn enhance moral which of course has a whole range of positive knock on effects of its own.

Don’t miss out on your chance to reap the many benefits ‘going green’ can bring to your company! Sustainability is becoming increasingly important across all industries and getting your company on board has never been easier. The experienced and passionate team at Green Zebra are committed to helping you at every step of this exciting new journey so click here now to book your place on the FREE Business Sustainability Basics Course!

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