There are plenty of shops where you can buy all things sustainable and eco friendly. Start with something simple like switching to refills of shampoo or shower gel or go plastic-free with shampoo bars.


Remember to always bring your own bags and try and buy loose fruit and veg, more and more places are becoming plastic-free.

Household cleaning

Consider refills of laundry liquid and softener or buy an eco egg to use in your washing instead. Buy refills of dishwashing powder, washing up liquid and much more. No refill store near you? Then try making your own. Bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and vinegar go along way when cleaning surfaces.


Popping out for lunch? Bring your own containers with you. Plenty of places will be happy to accommodate you – start a trend in your office.

Fast Fashion

The impact of fast fashion on the environment is huge with emissions estimated to be worse than the aviation and shipping industries combined.

Thinking about buying something new? Check out second-hand websites such as, or, they are a great resource for nearly new items with half the price tag. On eBay looks for clothes ‘with tags’ that haven’t been worn.

When buying clothes consider checking out second-hand sites like Depop and the Nu Wardrobe and the Goodonyou App.